Investment Planning


» Proper investment planning is a very disciplined and thoughtful process based upon the principals of Modern Portfolio Theory.  A well designed and managed portfolio will systematically address the following issues;

·         Your unique financial objectives, circumstances and investment time horizons.

·         Your unique tolerance for risk.

·         Your short term liquidity needs.

·         Your need for safe and predictable streams of income (especially in retirement).

·          Your expectations about future growth in excess of inflation via a well diversified, optimally efficient long term portfolio.

·         Investment fees and expenses.  Do you know the total costs of your current portfolio or investment arrangement?

·         Tax efficiency.


» Mahoney Financial Group, Inc. will design an investment portfolio that matches your unique objectives and investment style.  You may select from a wide range of investment platforms, money managers and individual investment choices.  We are independent financial planners and represent no proprietary investments or financial institutions.  We are free to offer objective advice and help you select the investment choices most appropriate to your circumstances.