» The financial dilemma for retirees  In addition to the normal financial challenges shared by all Americans, retirees face additional complications unique to their circumstances.

·         Increased life expectancy.  Our retirement may cost more and last longer than we anticipated.  The prospect of outliving one’s income is a real possibility.


·         Guaranteed pensions are far less prevalent than in past generations.  How do we create a safe and predictable stream of income to replace our old paychecks?


·         Conventional wisdom says that we should flee the volatility of stock holdings in favor of conservative investments at retirement.  However, with increased life expectancies, how do we create an investment portfolio that keeps pace with decades of inflation?



 ·         Increased life expectancy increases the probability of   experiencing a medical condition that requires custodial care.  The catastrophic costs of custodial care can deplete retirement savings quickly.




·         The tax code is complex, confiscatory and ever changing.  Tax  efficiency is critical to retirees in that it serves to stretch retirement savings.




·         Retirees are remarkably private about their money.  They find it difficult to broach the subject of planning with their children (perhaps living in far removed locations).  Often decisions about finances and custodial care are avoided until it is too late and good choices are no longer available.




·         Government regulation (the tax code, Medicaid eligibility, Medicare Part D, etc) is complex and ever changing.   How do we make good decisions amidst the chaos?


» Mahoney Financial Group, Inc. provides specialized financial planning and investment planning services for retirees.  In fact, retirees comprise the largest share of our clientele.  Our systems and resources are dedicated to making their golden years as efficient and stress free as possible.


Our analysis will help you to carefully determine how long your income will last in retirement.  With good planning, we can design strategies to assist you in solving retirement income shortfalls.